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Your pallet supplier servicing Toronto, Peel, and Durham Region and surrounding area. Trillium Recycling is your guarantee for quality pallets and outstanding customer service, whether your order is big or small. We offer full pallet recycling services and diversified palette of products to meet all your needs and all budgets!

Pallet collection, repairs or custom made services for Toronto and Durham+


Our wide range of pallet services available: Pallet removal, pick-ups, repairs, refurbished, recycled, used, new and custom made to order wooden pallets that meet your particular shipping and storage needs.
Baled Cardboard, recycle your bulk cardboard+

Cardboard Recycling

Reduce your carbon footprint by recycling your bulk cardboard. Whatever type or quantity of cardboard waste your business produces Trillium Recycling. delivers a unique solution that makes the removal, segregation and recycling of your cardboard easy. We collect and recycle baled cardboard in the Greater Toronto Area, including Mississauga, Brampton, Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Bowmanville, Newcastle, and the Kawartha Lakes.
Pellets, Regrind and Pulverized Plastics+

Recycled Plastic Pellets

Our focus is always on quality. We recycle plastic and turn them into regrind pellets made from a variety of industrial plastics wastes. Material is ready for the next stage of processing or use. Recycled plastic pellets are essentially the middle line between waste plastic and the manufacturing of finished goods.

CUSTOM PALLETS specially BUILT for your Needs


our recycling process

Wood pallets are recyclable and repairable—both of which are excellent points for the environment!

As businesses become ever more aware of the environment, many customers are turning to recycled pallets to aid them in doing their part to help save the planet. That’s one reason Trillium Recycling buys, repairs, and sells standard-used pallets. In addition to saving the planet, using recycled pallets can also save you some green. Recycled pallets are graded, repaired and sold according to each customer’s needs, and we can help determine a recycled pallet best suited for your shipping requirements.

  • Economical, sustainable & profitable solutions
  • Every pallet will be recycled and not put into landfills
  • Re-using and recycling of recyclable pallets and materials
  • Environmentally friendly practices – Go Green
Wood Pallets Recycle, Repair, Remove for Toronto and Durham regions
Custom Pallets
Pallets Delivered
Pallets Picked-up
Recycled Pallets

What We Offer

Pallet Removal and Pickups

Do you have used pallets lying around and causing storage problems? Let us do the all of the dirty work for you! Find Incorporated will partner with your company to pick-up and remove your excess pallets from your premises.

Custom Pallets

Have a job that needs a custom sized pallet? No problem! We provide the pallet support you depend on for tough projects that need it the most. Let us create and build the perfect pallet set-up to meet your needs.

Pallets Repairs

At Trillium Recycling we specialize in pallet repairs and retrieval, offering quality repairs to your specifications. Pallets are a durable, re-usable resources, and we can help you get the most for your pallet dollar by putting your used pallets back into circulation.

Toronto and Durham Regions Leading Pallet Expert

What makes Trillium Recycling your Pallet expert?

100% of the wood, plastic and cardboard that comes through our facility gets reused or recycled. We are a zero landfill company committed to recycling 100% of the materials we collect!


Reliable and efficient pickup service for all types of pallets!

About Trillium Recycling

To be a leading supplier of quality pallets, recycled plastic pellets and cardboard recycling services. To achieve outstanding customer satisfaction by providing superior service and excellent value.

Here at Trillium Recycling, our vision is to offer our customers the greatest products and services possible. We work hard so our pallets meet our customers’ specifications and qualifications.

We have high regard for efficiency and quality in every step of the pallet management process. We pride ourselves on providing quick and reliable pallet, cardboard and plastic pellet recycling services to the Toronto and surrounding area.We have the expertise, knowledge, and contacts to handle your pallet needs.

Our Other recycling services

Loose & Baled Cardboard

We provide an economical advantage to companies for both loose and baled cardboard. READ MORE

Baled Cardboard

A smart way to handle your baled cardboard – We Can Recycle It! CALL US TODAY

Pallet Removal and Collection

Will pick-up scrap and excess pallets from your premises. SCHEDULE A PICK-UP

Plastic Pellets

We offer high-quality engineering and commodity grade plastic pellets. FIND OUT MORE

Regrind Plastics

All of the regrind plastic that comes out is inspected in-house and monitored for consistency and quality. BUY TODAY

Same-Day Service, 24/7

We offer prompt delivery and same-day service within the Greater Toronto Area, Peel, and Durham Region. CONTACT US